Analysis of Phatic Functions in the Talk Show “The Tonight Show” Hosted by Jimmy Fallon


  • Yolanda Marcela Binambuni
  • Sri Mulatsih


This study aims to find out the Phatic Communication functions in the talk show “The Tonight Show” hosted by Jimmy Fallon with the framework of Malinowski (1923) elaborated by Jakobson in the context of communication, then further elaborated by Jumanto (2014) for the functions of Phatic Communication. The talk show featured Jenna Ortega about her latest succeed in delivering a self-choreographed danced that went viral in the world. Jenna Ortega starred in the recent TV Series as Wednesday Addams whose first appearance of the character dated back in 1938. The researcher choose this talk show as the data of research because the setting of talk show often use many Phatic Communication types as its way of communicating to show friendliness and to encourage the guest star into talking about the topic fluently. This research found that in the talk show, the function that is found most is breaking the silence as an effort to persuade the guest star to continue speaking.Keywords: Jimmy Fallon, phatic communication, talk show


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