The Violation of Politeness Principle Found in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Movie


  • Melinda Limin
  • Sri Mulatsih


The study aims to find out the violations of politeness principle that often do by people whether children to the elderly. Source data on this research is Charlie and the chocolate factory movie. The researcher uses qualitative method and the data analyzed descriptively. There are six type of Politeness Principle according to Leech (1983:81), there are: Tact maxim, Generosity Maxim, Approbation Maxim, Modesty Maxim, Agreement Maxim and Sympathy Maxim. From the data, the researcher discovered a 1 word, 3 phrase, 24 clause that violating of Politeness Principle by Leech (1983:81) in the Charlie and the chocolate factory movie. As a result, the researcher discovered 5 of 6 types of Violating in Politeness Principle, 24 clause/ 2 phrase/ 1 word from the data, it shows that the dominant violating of politeness principle that is shown in the movie is Modesty Maxim. It means that people prefer to give praise to themselves than the other. Keywords: Violating of Politeness Principle, movie, pragmatics