The Ullen Sentalu Museum: Keeper of the Cultural and Historical Memories of the Yogyakarta Palace (Keraton)


  • Hayu Nugraheni Daniswari Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata AMPTA
  • Indah Putri Pratiwi Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata AMPTA
  • Rifa aul Khasanah Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata AMPTA
  • Fuadi Afif Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata


This study aims to determine the role of the Ullen Sentalu Museum as a guardian of the culture and historical memories of the Yogyakarta Palace. Based on the findings of this study, the Ullen Sentalu Museum can be a museum that can be used to study the collection of relics from the Yogyakarta Palace in the past, which are interpreted as historical relics that have meaningful messages. The research was conducted directly at the Ullen Sentalu Museum on February 12, 2023. The data collection method is by using observation and literature studies. The findings of this study indicate that the Ullen Sentalu Museum is one of the museums in Yogyakarta which is a museum that acts as a guardian of culture because the collections in the Ullen Sentalu Museum are original collections originating from the Yogyakarta Palace with all the philosophy in it. In addition, the Ullen Sentalu Museum offerstwo types of tour packages where tourists will be invited to go around the Museum by seeing and learning about cultural history and tourists also will be given a treat in the form of coffee at the end of the tour.