• Ekzan Aldo Zaki Dian Nuswantoro University
  • Haura Tabriza Asyan Dian Nuswantoro University
  • Izza Ulumuddin Ahmad Asshofi Dian Nuswantoro University


Hotel is one of the tourism industries that provides rooms for travelers who need lodging. The hotel has service facilities in the fields of food, beverages, and rooms for travelers. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia, all hotels carried out precautions suchasquarantine and Community Activities Restrictions Enforcement (a.k.a PPKMinIndonesia). After the Covid-19 pandemic decreased, every hotel began to releasequarantine and PPKM but still followed the protocol after government regulations. Eachhotel room is also equipped with hand sanitizer in the area traversed by hotel guests. Everyhotel tried to apply Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to run hotels in each hotel section, especially in the hotel room section after the Covid-19 pandemic has changedinterms of hotel room cleanliness before and after the arrival of guests. The purpose of thewriting is to describe the hygiene standards in hotel rooms after the Covid-19 pandemic. Inthis writing, we use a qualitative method where we look for sources through journal articles. The result of our research is that hotel room cleaning is carried out by limitingpeople to enter other than hotel employees and guests, to minimize the spread of theCovid-19 virus in the hotel. When cleaning guest rooms, all linen in hotel rooms arealways changed and pressed every day to overcome/minimize the spread of Covid-19suchas replacing linen pillowcases and blankets that have been washed clean andthendisinfecting all area in the hotel rooms. The hotels always carry out regular checks onhotel room facilities so that there is no damage or virus potential and guests feel comfortable in the hotel room. Disinfectant spraying is carried out in every corner of thehotel room and the hotel provides preventive facilities in each room in the formof a handsanitizer and checking body temperature when entering the area inside the hotel tomaintain safety for guests who want to stay in the hotel rooms.Keywords: Cleanliness, Covid-19, Hotel, Room, SOP