The Influence of Technological Development on Culture and Lifestyle of People in Indonesia


  • Evan Bagaskara Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University


This research will explain that technological developments have had a considerable influence on the culture in Indonesia and this technology has caused several changes in the culture and lifestyle of the Indonesian people. This study aims to determine the extent of the influence of technology on culture in Indonesia. By using the literature study method in the research process to find out some information related to the influence of technology in Indonesia. The results of the discussion in this study indicate that technological advances continue to develop very rapidly and give birth to a digital society, there are changes in the lifestyle of the Indonesian people due to technological advances so that they become more pragmatic, hedonic and secular. It was also found that technological advances have a double face because they have positive and negative influences on human life. This study also explains that efforts to suppress and overcome the negative impacts of technological advances can be carried out by synergizing the roles of family, education, society and the state. 

Author Biography

Evan Bagaskara, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University

Evan Bagaskara2221210085Non Formal Education


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