Translation Techniques of Apologize Expressions on Enola Holmes Vol.2 Movie


  • Tamara Juniyanti Sitio Dian Nuswantoro University
  • Raden Arief Nugroho Dian Nuswantoro University


This research aims to learn about the expressive speech acts of apologizing and to identify the most common translation techniques used in Enola Holmes Vol. 2 movies. When analyzing expressions of apologize, the researcher relied on John Searle's theory . Then, translation techniques are analyzed using Molina and Albir's theory (Molina & Albir, 2000). The researcher analyzed the data using a descriptive qualitative method. As a result of the analysis, 12 expressions of remorse were identified. In addition, four types of translation techniques for translating statements containing expressions of regret were identified. This research uncovered the following translation techniques: established equivalent, literal translation, reduction, and variation. Based on the analysis of the data, the researcher determined that the most effective technique for translating the apologizing expressive speech acts used in the film Enola Holmes Vol.2 with 12 data points is an equivalent technique. Using an established equivalent technique, the utterances of the source language are translated into the target language using a familiar term or terms. The structural forms of the source language are completely recognizable in the Enola Holmes Vol.2 movie's target language.Keywords: apologize expressions, techniques, enola holmes vol.2, movie.


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