Implementation Of The Base64 Algorithm For Text Encryption And Decryption Using The Python Programming Language

Caroko Aji Pamungkas, Zudha Pratama, Ichwan Setiarso, Mohamed Doheir


The exchange of information on the Internet requires increased protection to avoid potential threats to privacy and security. This study identified the main issues in this regard: the need for simple and effective tools for encoding and decoding messages, and the need to understand Base64 encoding algorithms and concepts. However, to overcome this problem the author developed an application to encode and decode messages/text using the Base64 algorithm and the Python programming language. This application allows users to send secret messages/text securely via and convert the data into Base64 format for secure transmission via text media. It also covers the basics of cryptography, Base64 algorithms, and how to use the Python programming language to develop secure applications. The result of this research is a simple and effective encryption and decryption application. This application provides a solution for users to protect messages or text when they want to change confidential information by converting it to Base64 format. With this application, you can send secret messages or texts with the confidence that only authorized parties can read them. Implementing message encryption and decryption using the Base64 algorithm using Python is an important step in maintaining message privacy and security in the current digital era. This research succeeded in developing an application suitable for this purpose. Therefore, the next step is to improve the security of your application by implementing stronger encryption algorithms. Additionally, we provide a more comprehensive user guide to help users better understand cryptographic concepts. Further research may focus on integrating applications with broader Internet security protocols to address increasingly complex security threats.

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