Hansen Hansen, Muhammad Habibi, Ainur Rachman


Air is a very important factor in life, so air is a natural resource that must be
protected, as for its utilization, it must always be wise to pay attention to future
generations. Changes in the air environment are generally caused by air
pollution, the entry of pollutants in the form of gases, small particles or aerosols
into the air. The growth of motorized vehicles in Samarinda will have a large
potential to reduce the quality of the air environment. A decrease in the quality of
the air environment can be caused by the emission of motor vehicles containing
heavy metals including Lead (Pb). The problem formulation in this study is how
much exposure to Lead (Pb) on street children in Samarinda City. The purpose of
this study is to measure lead levels (Pb) in the blood of street children in
Samarinda City. his study uses observational analytic research methods,
conducts interviews and uses questionnaires and conducts examination and
analysis of Lead (Pb) in the Laboratory. The design of this study uses cross
sectional. Based on the results of the study of Biomonitoring Lead Level (Pb) in
blood on street children in Samarinda City the average Lead Level (Pb) in blood
in street children in Samarinda City was 0.28615 mg/l (28.615 μg/dl) with a
standard deviation value of 0, 299848 which means Lead Level (Pb) above the
threshold set by the Center for Disease and Prevention 10-19 μg/dl.
Keyword: Biomonitoring, Lead, Street Children

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