Applied Industrial Engineering Journal

Aplied Industrial Engineering Journal is published by Universitas Dian Nuswantoro that focus on applied industrial enggineering science and management. Our focus based on the thinkery that industrial engineering is applied science and management that have different result every time it's applied in many case because there are a lot of different rules and conditions. It is like the branch with so many leaves on the science tree.

This journal is published biannually, in June and Desember. We aims to Promote current issues of applied industrial engineering science or and management.

The scope of this journal such as: Ergonomics & Human Factors; Information Systems & Technology; Service Management; Sustainability; Logistics; Supply Chain Management; Operations Research; Quality, Reliability, and Maintenance Management; Data Mining; Artificial Intelligence; Production Planning & Inventory Control; Product Development and Product Design; Automation; Manufacture Technology and Additive Manufacturing

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