Hyperbole Expressions Used in Justin Bieber’s Album “Justice”

Maria Yunita Among Ma


Hyperbole is a figurative language containing a statement by exaggerating something from reality with a dramatic effect. Sentences using hyperbole are commonly to compare something with excessive words and sometimes sound unreasonable. This study aimed at determining the forms of hyperbolic expressions used in Justin Bieber's album Justice and explaining the meaning of hyperbolic expressions used in the album. The methods used in this research were descriptive qualitative. The theory proposed by Alexander (1977) and Leech (1981) used to identify hyperbolic expressions used in song lyrics and explain the meaning of hyperbole in song lyrics. The research subject was Justin Bieber's songs, spread on the Justice album, which consists of ten (10) songs. Ten of the seventeen songs contained in the album are to be described, namely: "2 Much, As I am, Off My Face, Holy, Unstable, Die For You, Hold On, Somebody, Ghost and Anyone". The process of collecting data was done by listening to songs and noting song lyrics that have hyperbole expressions. The results of the analysis found 20 hyperbolic expression data that have two meanings, namely: connotative meaning and affective meaning.


Hyperbole,Expressions, Meaning, Song lyrics, Justin Bieber

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33633/str.v1i1.9445

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