Speech Act Analysis of Violet’s Utterances on Netflix Series Entitled Arcane

Ef Burhan Wahidullah, Anisa Larassati


This study aims to find out what types of illocutionary speech acts are found in the utterances of one of the characters from the Netflix animated series entitled Arcane (2021), named Violet. This study uses a qualitative descriptive research method and uses the speech act theory proposed by John R. Searle. This study uses data taken from the Netflix animated series, Arcane, which was created by the game studio, Riot Games. In this study, the researcher found four types of illocutionary acts used by Violet, including representative acts, expressive acts, directive acts, and commissive acts. The amount of data found is 180 data and the type of speech act that is often used is the representative act with a total of 101 data and finds the type of speech act that is the least used, namely the commissive act with a total of 4 data. In this study, the researcher also did not find a declarative act of speech act. In analyzing the data, the researcher finds the utterances that were considered a speech act. Then the researcher codified those data and classified them into speech act classifications. The last, the researcher finds the most used type of speech act and concludes the research based on the data found

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33633/str.v1i1.9130

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