Requesting Strategies Used by Balinese Online Sellers

komang dian puspita candra, putu nur ayomi


This study examined the types of requesting strategies used by Balinese online sellers. The data source was taken from the statement, in the form of sentences, clauses, or words that appears in the candrikaetnik_bali Instagram feed. The statement itself correlates with the products that are being sold. The data were collected by using the observation method and note-taking technique. The data was then analyzed qualitatively by using the theory from Trosborg (1995) in analyzing the types of requesting strategies and the theory by Holmes (2001) in analyzing the context of the situation. The result shows that there are six strategies of requesting found in candrikaetnik_bali's Instagram feed as hints, statements of obligation, performatives, imperatives, suggestory formula, and speaker wishes. The use of these strategies occurred in four conditions namely Indirect Request, Indirect (Hearer-Oriented Condition), Indirect (SpeakerOriented Condition), and Direct Request. The types of requesting strategies that appear most frequently within the candrikaetnik_bali Instagram feed are performatives and suggestory formula.

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