Attitude Realization in Phone Review Youtube Video: An Appraisal Analysis

Zhafira Zhafarina, Sri Mulatsih


This study aims to identify the attitude realization in a YouTube video entitled “Xiaomi 12S Ultra Review – Bye Bye Samsung?” uploaded by Mrwhosetheboss on July 5th, 2022. Appraisal theory by Martin and White (2005) is used to analyze the data. Appraisal analysis divided into three types which are Attitude, Graduation, and Engagement. The focus of this study is only analyzing the attitude systems in the object of research. Attitude can be further divided into three sub-types namely Affect, Judgment, and Appreciation. Affect deals with describing how people’s feelings toward something, whilst judgment focusing on evaluation on other individuals’ behaviur. Furthermore, Appreciation examines an evaluation towards objects. Through descriptive qualitative research, the researcher has found 86 clauses containing the attitude elements. There are 49 data indicating positive Appreciation and 20 data indicating negative attitude. There are also affect items which conclude 16 positive affect and one negative effect. Moreover, there is no judgment item found in the video since the focus of the video is a review of product.


appraisal theory; attitude; review

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