Students' SWOT Analysis Perspective on Herborist Business and Tour Packages

Ong Pearl Mares, Debora Shelica Soetedjo, Cindy Citya Dima


Herborist is one of the leading producers of herbal cosmetics in Indonesia. Herborist also provides a factory tour service that can accommodate 50 visitors in each group. This factory tour was carried out as an attempt by Herborist Semarang for a promotional event. Activities around the factory were arranged to introduce tourists to production activities and herborist history and to visit the "Oemah Herborist". This activity added a positive influence on both Herborist and visitors. This factory tour activity is open to all groups according to the activity package provided.In the package offered by Herborist Semarang, there is a separate SWOT analysis. This study aimed to find out SWOT's Oemah Herborist factory tour activities. SWOT analysis describes conditions and evaluates a business-related problem, including four factors (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats). This analysis uses qualitative descriptive methods. Based on the results of the data collected, the management of SWOT tourism distribution from Herborist has several drawbacks and threats. Herborist should maximize the performance of its employees in promoting Edutrip tourism packaging to the general public about the edutrip offered. Herborists should be able to use social media to promote edutrips to the wider public. Herborists must continue to innovate by developing several types of cosmetic products to meet the needs of cosmetic promotion in beauty classes. The rest of Herborist's edutrip is already very interesting and good to visit because not many companies have entered this opportunity.


SWOT; factory tour; edutrip; herborist

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