Character Exploration of the “Dolphin Song” Novel

Annisa Izzati Aulia


Literature is a linguistic, emotive, and artistically marked medium for expressing emotions or social life-related imagery. The main character in Dolphin Song goes through both internal and exterior difficulties, which are the center of this study. This book was written by Lauren St. John and published on July 1st, 2008. The informal presentation of the information will use material from The Dolphin Song. Researchers typically use informal presentations because this method enables the description and explanation of research results from the outputs of the analysis to be undertaken. What environmental issues are emphasized in Lauren St. John's novel Dolphin Song? is the topic that this study tries to answer. The researchers evaluate the environmental obstacles in order to address the research issue by using the synthesised theory of plot from Freytag and Tasrif as well as a study conducted by Anand (2013) as references. In this inquiry, formalist and ecocritical methods were employed. Exploitation of natural resources and pollution are the two environmental issues that the novel's plot raises. The author also highlights the issue of underwater noise pollution. The author also discusses the effects of LFA sonar on marine biodiversity. The researcher is particularly interested in the struggles of the major characters, as well as in the way that reading books can provide information, which is why this study was done.

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