Asean Toolboxes Standard Application in Receptionist Shceme for Hospitality Management’s Students in Dian Nuswantoro University

Siaw Armando Handoyo, Muhammad Askha Rafliansyach Wijaya, Dedi Joko Purnomo, Izza Ulumuddin Ahmad Asshofi


The front office is one of the most important departments in hotel management. One of the sub-divisions in the Front Office department is the receptionist. As the front-line department that is directly in contact with guests, it is really important to have qualified members to give the best service to the guest. There are some required skills in order to be a good receptionist such as communication, quick decision-making, and managerial skills. At Dian Nuswantoro University, specifically, the students of the hospitality management major, have been taught receptionist skills. The problems occur when many students are not able to perform their receptionist ability in English. They can achieve further skill development with a competency standard for the purpose of honing either of their skills using the Asean Toolboxes standard that requires the student to fully speak in English. The authors are collecting evidence on the receptionist scheme of this ASEAN Toolboxes standard using qualitative descriptive methods through observation directly to the students involved. As a result, we found that the students that are considered competent are able to demonstrate receptionist competency in English and qualified for ASEAN Toolboxes Standard which is recognized in 11 ASEAN countries.

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