Counselor Application Frontend with Personality- matching Using Android-Based K-Means Clustering Algorithm

Ifan Perdana Putra, Eko Hari Rachmawanto, Wellia Shinta Sari, Tri Esti Rahayuningtyas, Choerul Umam, Mahadika Pradipta Himawan, Noorayisahbe Bt Mohd Yaacob


Education is one of the most important things for people to have. Many people are competing for education to increase their abilities. Technology plays a big role in developing access to education to make it easier with many online applications and online classes education becomes easier. However, there are still many unresolved problems in this field of education, namely the emergence of the phenomenon of incompatibility between educators and students so that student interest decreases dramatically because of this. And also, the lack of learning materials taught that are not school subjects such as programming. Therefore, the author and team designed an application where this application can find students a learning mentor outside of school so that they can increase their knowledge. The application also provides a matching feature based on the student's personality so that the student can find a suitable tutor.

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