Praja Aisyah Nur Fadhilla, Achmad Basari


Abstract: This research entitles Translation Techniques of Directive Speech Acts of the Characters Used in the Cruella Movie. This research aims to find out the types of directive speech acts and the types of translation techniques and analyze the dominant type of translation technique of utterances used in the movie. The researchers used the theory by Searle in analyzing the utterances and the theory of translation techniques by Molina and Albir (2002). This research used a descriptive qualitative method in analyzing the data in the form of utterances. The researchers found 306 data of directive speech acts of the characters. The result of this research is that eight types of directive speech acts are found in the movie's utterance: question, command, opinion, request, offer, suggestion, invitation, and warning. This research also found nine types of translation techniques used to translate the utterances containing directive speech acts. Those are established equivalent, literal translation, borrowing, reduction, discursive creation, linguistic compression, amplification, compensation, transposition, and linguistic amplification. The data analysis found that the dominant type of translation technique used to translate the characters' directive speech acts is the Established Equivalence technique, which represented 167 data (54,58%). The established equivalent technique is used to transfer the source language item into its established or natural equivalent in the target language, also contextual (grammatical and lexical). This technique is an ideal equivalence since the meaning, and the style is retained.

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