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Songs and idioms are both unique, since those are not easily understood. The songs have a deep meaning as the idioms which are not literally translated. This study analyzes 2 songs by Demi Lovato in title “Fix a Heart” and “Heart Attack”. The aim of this research is to determine the classification of idioms from the lyrics of both songs. The method used in this study is descriptive qualitative because describing each of every idiom in detail is necessary, so it is easier and more precise to categorized its type of idioms. Theory that is used in this study is theory of idioms by Chitra Fernando on her book “Idioms and Idiomaticity”. This theory was chosen because the writers consider this theory as the most understandable, the most appropriate, and the easiest theory that can be perfectly applied to these songs’ lyrics. From the study, it was found 22 idioms from both songs with 7 idioms from “Fix a Heart” and 15 idioms from “Heart Attack”. From total 22 data, 12 data are literal idioms (54,55%), 7 data are semi-idioms (31,82%), and 3 data are pure idioms (13,64%).

Keyword: Idioms, Fix a Heart, Heart Attack, Theory of Idioms, Song Lyrics

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