Journal of Information System

JOINS (Journal of Information System) are national journals with peer-review, which emphasizes the aspects of theory, research, and intellectual development of the information systems in organizations, institutions, economy, and society.

The journal is intended to be dedicated to the development of a sustainable knowledge related to the application of information technology in the organization and management, and moreover to increase economic and social welfare.

JOINS encourage the publication of articles that reflect the breadth and interdisciplinary field that integrates the disciplines of information systems and technology with social issues, contextual and management, based on research using appropriate research methods.

Topics include: Design and Implementation System, Information Systems and Change Management, Decision Support System, E-Learning, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Methodology and Software Development, Knowledge Management, Network Economics, Healtcare Information System, Diffusion and Adoption of Information Technology, Virtual Teams, Workflow And Process Management, and other topics related to systems and information technology

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Vol 3, No 1 (2018)

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