Pattern Recognition Of Javanese Letter Using Template Matching Correlation Method

Irham Ferdiansyah Katili, Fairuz Dyah Esabella, Ardytha Luthfiarta


In this modern age, the impact of globalization is increasingly entering and expanding into most societies. One impact of globalization makes people prefer to learn the language and use a foreign language rather than the local language, especially the Java language. It is very influential on the knowledge of the community about the existence or the existence of Javanese Letter, especially in the field of education. In this study, In this research will be made an application to recognize the writing of Javanese Letter based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Matching templates correlation can be used as pattern recognition methods. How the Template Matching Algorithm works by matching the template image with the test image after going through the Pre-processing and segmentation process. From the research that has been done by using 10 character template and 20 data testing get accuracy equal to 93.44% and error rate 6.56%. So the Matching Template Algorithm can well recognize the Javanese Letter pattern.

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